Richard Shaw, Certified Advanced Rolfer® 

As a child I had a relationship with my body and with movement that always felt joyous. I progressed from a young competitive swimmer and surfer to becoming a dancer. I chose dance over sports because of its unrestricted movement potential, its athleticism and its fluid gracefulness. I began ballet studies as a young teen then made the switch to Modern Dance. In a few years I was performing professionally in New York as well as teaching dance. Also during this time I had embarked upon the study of Tai Chi towards what would become a lifelong daily practice.

In my early twenties, while studying dance and composition at Bennington College, I became increasingly interested in alternative healing modalities and their potential. After researching and experiencing different practices—from the Alexander Technique and the Feldenkrais Method to acupuncture and homeopathy—I discovered Rolfing and went through the basic ten session series. My observation at the time was that this was the work which held the highest potential for real transformation and change.

I completed my studies at The Rolf Institute in 1985. After years of continuing education I completed my Advanced Rolfing training in 1993. Additionally, I have certification in Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation and Zero Balancing. I also hold a degree in Classical Homeopathy. These excellent works I value as adjuncts to my primary focus of Rolfing. They broaden my toolkit and deepen my insight into the subtle levels at which strain and imbalance manifest in our bodies.

It’s been over 30 years since I brought Rolfing to western Massachusetts. My excitement towards this work continues to grow as does my ever-deepening understanding of its practice. It remains a great privilege for me to be able to assist others in making changes. Some of these changes are the ones which clients came in hoping we’d be able to make. Frequently, and even more rewarding, are those changes we achieve in our work together that were not previously imagined or even thought possible. 




Please feel free to contact me in order to schedule a session, set up a consultation or simply to ask a question or two.You may call or text (413) 586-8252 or email me through the contact form below.