Richard Shaw, Rolfing


Our bodies are always being who we were
instead of being who we’ve become. 
Rolfing is a way to catch the body up to the present.


Richard Shaw is a Certified Advanced Rolfer® based in Northampton, MA.

Rolfing structural integration is a method of working with the individual through their body. In a well-developed 10-session series the Rolfer, using fingers, palms and arms, works slowly and gently with the connective tissue called "fascia" which holds together all the different parts of a person's body and gives that body its shape. For many reasons, from physical injury to emotional stress and trauma, our bodies develop areas which are less mobile, tight, and often painful. As the series progresses, these areas become freer, more open, and stronger. These changes are lasting, and often they are dramatic and quite profound.

Richard Shaw, a former professional dancer and teacher, brought Rolfing to this area in 1985. Since then he has helped hundreds of people get out of pain as well as make important discoveries. He is known for his gentle approach to this work, as well as for his humor and insightfulness.



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