Dear Client,

Here is some information which will further introduce you to Rolfing® and may assist you as you go through the process. Since Rolfing is not something you passively have done to you, the more awareness you can bring to the process, the more we will achieve. During our work together, your body will be going through a period of readjustment. Structures of your body and their relationships will be changing. Patterns of movement will be altered. Your experience of activities that have been part of your daily life may be different and these activities may deserve your increased attention.

You may wish to keep a journal during your Rolfing experience. Some people find that regular journal entries of dreams, physical sensations, and changes in awareness help them to focus their attention and provide an interesting record of progress.

It’s very important to me that you feel comfortable for your first session. At the same time, I will need to be able to see your body in order to understand the underlying issues and work with you successfully. Most clients work in their underwear. Some feel more comfortable in a bathing suit or light, unrestrictive yoga-style apparel. If you’re unsure, bring something you’ll feel comfortable wearing for our first session and then we can decide together what will work best for future sessions.

Lotions and Scents
Please make your best effort to come as unscented as possible to your sessions. Try to refrain from applying moisturizing lotions, sunblocks, oils, or colognes, perfumes and other scents on the day of your Rolfing session, or please wash them off before arriving for your appointment. All of these will interfere with my effectiveness in working with you. Also, other clients are sometimes allergic or sensitive to scents.

If you feel that you might be coming down with a cold or the flu it would be best to postpone your session. If you wake up not feeling 100% and are unsure as to what to do, call or email and consult with me.

Length of Session
Each session will last between an hour and an hour and a half. The length of each session is determined by your particular requirements.

Rolfing involves a ten session series. My fee is $150 per session.  Cash or check are the preferred forms of payment. Credit cards are also accepted.

Most people schedule their Rolfing sessions one week apart. This may vary according to your own situation. Once you have chosen to be Rolfed, it is best to set up a program with as few interruptions as possible.

After a Session
You may want to allow some time after each session to be with yourself. This might include writing in a journal, taking a walk, exercising or resting — just taking some time to best assimilate the experience you have had. Later in the day you may want to enjoy a warm bath with 1-2 cups of epsom salts. This will assist in drawing out some of the stored toxins from your body that your session may have helped release.

Some exercise in conjunction with your Rolfing is very beneficial. You should notice a marked improvement in your coordination and performance. However, this is not a time to push your body to its limits. If you are involved in strenuous sports or activities you may want to ease up on them allowing your body a chance to adapt to the changes.

Continuing the Series
After experiencing the first session, you will have a good idea of whether Rolfing is right for you. The best and most permanent results are obtained by completing the entire series on a regular basis. If you know that you will need to interrupt the series, please let me know in advance, and we can schedule the breaks so that they will not interfere with the program.

Side Effects
Some people experience a bit of muscle soreness similar to the feeling you might get after exercising, which usually diminishes within a day or two. Some people feel like resting, others feel highly energetic. For some there are occasional emotional highs and lows between sessions. These reflect the body's adjustment to shedding old patterns and replacing them with a new structural integrity and awareness.

For already scheduled clients only:

Once we have scheduled your first session please complete the following questionnaire in order to provide me with some helpful background information. If there are any questions that you are uncomfortable answering you may leave them blank. Everything you share with me is private and confidential. In addition, know that all questionnaires submitted go directly to my office email inbox and are encrypted with 256 bit SSL security, just like your bank or credit card website, to ensure your information remains secure and private.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

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